About me

A hyperactive enthusiast and formerly overambitious student who found solace in solo travelling, vegetarianism and mountain sports of all kinds.
Currently finishing a masters degree in Applied Economics in the fairytaly center of Alps, Innsbruck and working as an editor for a running magazine

My story

Being a keen follower of Eastern philosophy and mountain lover, I began my first solo adventure when I was 18 by heading off to Nepal for 3 months to become a volunteer English teacher and discover local culture.

After accidentally ending up in a Digital Nomadism course in France, I became an editor in a running magazine, a dream job that allows me to travel and work at the same time.

Since then I have lived in three different countries including Switzerland and Austria and travelled solo by bike through 7 countries.

As a member of the mountain lovers tribe, I count myself among the passionate skiers and trail runners with a special weak spot for ultras which I premiered by being the yougest female runner in the prestigeous Matterhorn Ultraks 2017 50 km race.