How to Travel and Go on an Adventure When You Are Flat Broke

Just because you're short on money does not mean that you cannot travel and experience an amazing adventure. In fact, sometimes the greatest experience come with just a few dollars (euros) a day!

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DOs and DON'Ts for Staying Safe as a Female Solo Traveller

So you want to travel solo but you are a little nervous about the whole safety situation? Those DOs and DON'Ts will help you stay safe and avoid dangerous and unpleasant situations!

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Best Destinations for Nomads, Wanderers and Travellers

Searching for tips of surprisingly amazing and cheap travel destinations in Europe for adventurous travellers, digital nomads and wanderers? Read those tips with personal insights and confessions gained through my own personal experience.

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What will you find on this page?

Find tips for the best travel destinations that offer great adventures and will not leave you flat broke. Have a look at personal tips, dos and donts from both well known places but also the hidden and undiscowered travellers paradise that remain largely underpreciated.

Personal tales, brutally honest confessions and insights of an experienced female solo traveller and digital nomad. From funny stories through encounters with local culture all the way to recommendations for the best activities around and staying safe.

For the ones belonging to the tribe of wanderers and mountain adventure seekers the page will offer my tales and tips from trail and skyrunning, ski-touring, hiking and other wanders in the Alps, Tatras, Balcans and other locations.